Do you need an app for everything?

Using technology for water delivery

Recently, someone informed me of a competitor’s website and how they now offer an app so you can schedule your water cooler bottle delivery. Once the order is placed, you can track your delivery in real-time. I initially thought, “That’s pretty cool,” but then it registered that you don’t need that with our products. When you want water delivered, walk to our Pure Water cooler and fill your cup or glass with pure water using reverse osmosis. We even have ice, so you don’t have to fill ice trays in your freezer.

There is no need to complicate things more than they need to be. Technology can be a great tool and make your life easier, but water delivery?

Let us help you

If your office still uses a 5-gallon “water jug,” we want to show you what real technology looks like. Our water coolers offer pure water by utilizing reverse osmosis, which is recognized as the best method for removing contaminants from water. Our water coolers offer Hot and Cold water, and we also have models with Ice dispensers – for not any more than you’re currently paying in most cases. Get rid of the “old technology” and upgrade to delicious, healthy water.

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