Why Bottleless?


Today’s office view

The workplace today is different from yesterday’s. People want convenience. Being healthy is no longer optional. The environment plays a more significant role. How does a Wellsys Water Cooler differ from the “old-fashioned” bottled cooler?

  • Better Water and More Convenient than 5-Gallon Water Jugs
    • Reverse-osmosis filtration for the cleanest water
    • Hot and Cold Water on-demand
    • Integrated Ice Makers
    • There are no heavy water jugs to lift
    • No more bottle delivery fees
    • No more empty bottles wasting space in the office
  • Healthier and More Hygenic
    • Reverse-osmosis filtration is superior to ordinary filtered water or tap water
    • Touchless, Hands-Free operation
      • Just wave your hand in front of the sensor
      • Reduce the spread of Covid and Flu germs in your office
    • No more lifting heavy water bottles
  • Environmental Benefits of Bottleless Water Systems
    • No plastic waste
    • No delivery trucks (fuel)
    • Reduced carbon footprint

How to Reduce the Spread of Illness in your office

The water cooler symbolizes office camaraderie—the place to gather with colleagues to take a break, refresh, and chat. Covid changed everything; with everyone touching the same tap every time they need a drink, it’s also become a hub for germs and disease.  

Our touch-free bottleless water coolers safely bring back the enjoyment of a collegial water break.  Our hygienic touchless water systems provide a way to hydrate and reduce the spread of germs in your office.

Stop Lifting Heavy 5-gallon Water Bottles

It’s an office, not a gym. Everyone should aspire to exercise regularly – however, lifting 45-pound water jugs every time the cooler is empty will strain your staff’s backs. A recent insurance publication listed back strain from lifting heavy water jugs as a leading cause of workplace injury in the office.

An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Bottled Water

It’s the only earth we have. We are swimming in plastic waste, literally. Plastic is choking our oceans and sea life, and you cannot escape it. Plastic waste shows up in remote parts of Antarctica. Plastic waste is in your blood. Plastic waste is in your stomach. Plastic waste is orbiting our planet. (Read more about the impact of plastic water bottles on the environment)

Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Workplace

The amount of pollutants in our environment from plastic water bottles and jugs is staggering. Americans use an average of 167 single-use plastic bottles per year per person; less than 10% of that is recycled. Bottleless water systems can eliminate plastic waste from bottled water in your office.

At Pure Water Virginia, our bottleless water coolers keep you, your employees, and our planet safe, freeing up your resources, time, and money.

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