Does your filtered water cooler filter the water?

Beware of Subpar Service: not all share our commitment to excellence. Pure Water Virginia takes pride in providing top-quality pure water drinking coolers for offices using reverse osmosis. However, it has come to our attention that not all providers share the same commitment to excellence. Recently, we stumbled upon a case where a competitor opted … Read more

Revolutionizing Office Sustainability

Bottle-less Water Coolers & The Affordable Shift to Eco-Friendly Practices The corporate culture is experiencing a significant change towards eco-friendliness. Many offices adopt sustainable practices, such as using bottle-less water coolers with reverse osmosis technology. This trend towards eco-friendliness is similar to the narrative seen in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). It shows that … Read more

Filters – What’s inside is what matters

Simple Filter Water Cooler Simple Filter Coolers usually have one or two filters to reduce chlorine taste and order. Some may remove contaminants like Zinc, Copper, Cadmium, and Mercury. The remaining question is which contaminants are being removed and how often should the filters be replaced? Having a filter on your water cooler doesn’t mean … Read more

Do you need an app for everything?

Using technology for water delivery Recently, someone informed me of a competitor’s website and how they now offer an app so you can schedule your water cooler bottle delivery. Once the order is placed, you can track your delivery in real-time. I initially thought, “That’s pretty cool,” but then it registered that you don’t need … Read more

Give your office pure water

Clean, pure water for your employees doesn’t have to break the bank. Pure Water Virginia offers an array of reverse osmosis water coolers for less than $2 a day or with ICE for less than $5. Single Filter COolers Ordinary water filters physically screen dirt and sediment particles from the water down to about one … Read more

Why is Reverse osmosis better?

Are you looking for a way to get clean, healthy drinking water? One of the questions we get asked at our company, Pure Water Virginia, is, “Rebecca, what makes reverse osmosis water better?” We like to talk about the taste and cleanliness of RO water, but in this post, I want to expand on some … Read more