Pure Water Virginia

Providing healthy, zero-waste bottleless water systems and exceptional customer service to Richmond, Fredericksburg, Virginia Beach, and Hampton Roads area offices.

We’re locally owned, customer-focused, and ready to help your office reduce plastic waste and stay hydrated year-round.

What are Bottleless Water Systems?

Our bottleless systems are a hygienic, waste-free alternative to 5-gallon water jugs and expensive water delivery services. Switching to a bottleless system can save money by eliminating costly water delivery fees, reducing plastic waste, and freeing up office space since there’s no need to store empty bottles.

Explore Filtered Water Dispensers

Pure Water Virginia offers a variety of filtered water dispensers by Wellsys. All our water systems feature state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis filtration. Other features of our bottleless water systems include hot and cold water, hands-free operation, and integrated ice makers.

We offer a variety of freestanding models that can easily replace old 5-gallon water jugs and countertop water dispensers for small offices.